Autumn Show

Autumn Show 2017 – Saturday 9th September


Millennium Trophy.
Jubilee Bowl for the greatest number of points in all three shows.
Chairman’s Trophy for the greatest number of points in all three shows
gained by a family, parents & children under 16 years. Last year’s winners not eligible.
Maud Butler Cup for the greatest number of points in floral art. in all three shows.
Relph Cup for the greatest number of points in the children’s classes in all three shows.
Silver Cup for the greatest number of points in Division A
Parsons Cup for the greatest number of points in Division B
Caura Cup for the greatest number of points in the Chrysanthemum classes 1 – 4.
Parsons Cup for the greatest number of points in the Dahlia classes 5 – 13.
Giffard Cup for the best exhibit of fruit.
MacNeill Cup for the greatest number of points in Division C
Blake-Smith Cup for the greatest number of points in Division D
Macdonald Cup for the greatest number of points in Division E
Worshipful Company of Gardeners’ Certificates for the best exhibits in Divi-sions A, B, and C.
Please consult the hints to exhibitors on page 10-11 and back of entry form. Grand-children may enter the Junior classes – see page 9 para 17.
See page 13 for information on dahlia classification.

DIVISION “A” – Flowers

1 Chrysanthemums, outdoor grown, 3 sprays, one or more varieties. Not pompon.
2 Chrysanthemums, reflex. outdoor grown, 3 specimen blooms,
3 Chrysanthemums, outdoor grown. 1 specimen bloom, any variety.
4 Chrysanthemums, a vase of chrysanthemums arranged for frontal effect.
5 Dahlia, 3 pompons. (less than 83 mm diameter)
6 Dahlia, 3 miniature ball.
7 Dahlia, 3 cactus/semi-cactus.
8 Dahlia, 3 decorative. – formal / informal
9 Dahlia, 3 collarette.
10 Dahlia, 3 waterlily,
11 Dahlia, 1 vase of 3 blooms not named above.
12 Dahlia, 1 bloom in a vase
13 Vase of Dahlias (1 or more varieties)
16 Rose, 1 specimen bloom.
17 Rose, vase of 3 blooms, one or more varieties.
18 Rose, 1 spray, or stem
19 China Asters single, 5 blooms.
20 China Asters, 5 blooms.
21 Hydrangea, vase of 3 blooms.
22 Rudbeckia, vase of 5 blooms.
23 Gladiolus, 1 specimen spike.
24 Vase or bowl of flowers, one kind not named above.
25 Annuals, mixed kinds, vase of, arranged for frontal effect.
26 Perennials, vase of mixed kinds arranged for frontal effect. May include
flowers of bulbs, corms and tubers, but not dahlias
27 Three containers of flowers, one distinct kind in each container. Not more
than 5 stems of each kind.
28 A flowering succulent.
29 Geranium / Pelargonium, in a pot *
30 Tuberous Begonia, in a pot.*
31 House Plant, in a pot.*
32 Fuchsia, in a pot.*
33 Fern, in a pot.*
34 Saintpaulia (African Violet).*

  • Entries in all potted plant classes must contain one plant only and should not be exhibited with outer pots and jardinières.Detailed advice is given on the back of the entry form, & in the RHS
    Show Handbook.

DIVISION “B” – Fruit and Vegetables

36 Runner Beans, 7 of one variety.
37 Onions, 3 grown from seed.
38 Onions, 3 grown from sets.
39 Shallots, 9 culinary.
40 Shallots, 9 pickling, not to exceed 30mm. diameter.
41 Parsnips, 2.
42 Potatoes, 3.
43 Beet, 3 of one variety.
44 Table Marrows, 2.
45 Cabbages, 2 of one variety, (including Savoy but not Chinese)
46 Tomatoes,5 ordinary cultivars.
47 Tomatoes, a truss of small fruited or novelty cultivars.
48 Carrots, 3 of one variety.
49 Leeks, 3.
50 Sweet Com, 2 cobs.
51 Lettuce, 2 of one variety.
52 3 sweet peppers
53 Any other vegetable, not named above.
54 Collection of 7 vegetables, 1 of each kind
56 Heaviest truss of tomatoes. Need not be ripe.
57 Longest runner bean.
58 Apples, cooking, 3 of one variety.
59 Apples, dessert, 3 of one variety
60 Plums, 3 of one variety. Not Damsons
61 Fruit, a plate of any one kind not named above.
62 Collection of fruit (no more than 5 kinds on plate,dish or bowl)

DIVISION “C” – Floral Art
No arrangement to exceed 550 mm. in width. Please check care-

All entries qualify for the annual award of the Millennium Trophy (see
page 7)
63 An exhibit “Seasonal splendour” no accessories
64 An exhibit entitled “In praise of herbs”
65 An exhibit “Still Life” (see notes on page 11)
66 An exhibit incorporating dried plant material. No accessories.
67 An exhibit “Halloween”
68 An exhibit “Take 5”
69 An arrangement in a wine glass. .

DIVISION “D” – Household Section 
Containers must not bear a proprietary name, label or pattern of manufacture of the original contents. All exhibits must be entirely home
made. If your exhibit contains nuts please label it accordingly.
70 A Bottle of home-made wine – named, dated and labelled.
71 Apple crumble
72 Glass jar of jam (soft fruit).
73 5 brandy snaps
74 Glass jar of jam (stone fruit).
75 Victoria sandwich, jam filled, light dusting of sugar allowed.
20/23 cm (8/9”)
76 5 sweet biscuits.
77 A pizza (approx. 6” / 15 cm diameter).
78 A brown loaf (wholemeal flour).
79 5 chocolate truffles.
DIVISION “E” – Junior Section (under 16 years)
See “Rules Governing Exhibition”, page 9, paragraph 16./17
80 Heaviest crop of potatoes grown in a pot (Class for C/W Youth
organisations only)
81 An edible necklace
82 An Autumn leaf collage
83 Arrangement of flowers in a mug, 83 4 cup cakes – decorated
84 4 cupcakes decorated
85 6 Flapjacks.
86 A comic animal made from vegetables – natural materials only.
87 An original illustration of flowers and/or leaves.
88 A cardboard model.
89 Largest Sunflower head